Winter Services

In our area, snow and ice can be a problem preventing access to or creating safety issues in and around your home or business.  Specialized landscape & Design are equipped to help keep the entranceways, driveways and parking areas around your property clear and unrestricted.   Our snow and ice removal service techs use industry grade, professional equipment to clear your important access areas quickly and completely.

  • Snow Removal
  • De-Icing and Sand Dispersion
  • Snow Hauling

No Need to Wait Til Bad Weather Arrives - Call Today to Guarantee Service

Although our snow and ice removal services are not needed year round, you can make arrangements for winter services with us at any time, and when bad weather happens we'll visit your home or business without the need to call us every time.  Of course if bad weather takes you by suprise, and you are not on our recurring winter service list, you can always call us at 701-793-1801 and we'll be glad to help.   Need an estimate for pricing? Get a FREE quote using our convenient online form.

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