Landscape Installation

Making sure that your landscaping plants, turfgrass, trees and shrubs are installed correctly is very important to ensure the new plant material survives and begins to grow in the new environment.  Specialized Landscape & Design are your local landscape installation specialists.  Our team of technicians utilizes high quality professional grade equipment, and the latest, most cost effective techniques to install all components of your landscaping job.  The result is a finished, manicured look that is not only beautiful, but also durable and promotes plant, tree and grass health.

Brand New Landscaping Installation, or Replacinging Existing Landscape Features

Whether you are installing landscaping on a brand new property, or if you want to replace older landscaping that has aged and fallen into disrepair, you can work with our design team to come up with a plan that fits your needs and budget.  We can then perform installation of the design quickly, making sure to leave you with instructions on how to care for any new plant material, trees and shrubs, and any other information you may need about watering and fertilizing.

Ready to get Started With a Landscape Installation?

Our landscape installation services are available throughout Fargo, Moorhead, West fargo and The Lakes area.  Schedule your landscape installation today by calling 701-793-1801, or request a FREE quote by using our online form. Your Yard is Our Canvas!

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