Retaining Walls

Whether they be functional, aesthetic or both retaining and freestanding walls are a dynamic addition to any landscape. Walls can be built from a multitude of different materials. From block to concrete to natural stone there is a material to solve any problem and match any style. When our clients approach us with questions about sloping property or a need for more definition in their landscape a retaining or freestanding wall is often a popular solution.

A retaining wall can be used to increase the amount of usable space on ones property. Be transforming a sloping yard into a series of terraces a defined, functional set of spaces are created. This not only adds value but solves issues of soil erosion that could threaten the property in the long run. That level of functionality and value combined with numerous style choices can create something beautiful and personal to your property.

If you are looking to add definition to your landscape freestanding walls are a great option. A freestanding wall can define a series of spaces, act as additional seating or be a stage for potted annuals and more. Just like retaining walls, freestanding walls are available in a multitude of styles and materials. Smooth modern blocks emanate elegance while natural stones can create a warm, rustic vibe.

Function, form and total style. Retaining and freestanding walls are an excellent choice for solving slope issues, adding definition, seating and personal flare to your landscape. Drop is a line and let us help you get started in adding a beautiful wall to to your landscape.

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